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Choose to live where others vacation

I chose to live in Gold Beach in 1989 primarily because I wanted to live near the Rogue River and the Pacific Ocean.

Whether we want to go to the beach and look for agates, go up river and fish, or sit on one of the headlands reading a book, my family never has to worry about crowds or getting it all in over a quick weekend. Living here means we can get out and enjoy this place the good Lord blessed us with any time we want, and getting to share it with other people that appreciate how lucky we really are.

Having worn quite a number of hats in my life, as a professional counselor, custom builder and remodeler, and licensed wilderness guide just to name a few, I feel I am ideally suited and uniquely qualified for assisting those looking for property in this wonderful place we call home. As a professional counselor I am skilled in listening to what it is you are saying and helping to clarify what your needs and goals are as they relate to a home or homesite to meet your needs. As a custom builder and remodeler, I honed my skills in assessing and evaluating land and homes for their potential value, as well as potential pitfalls, and for helping those wanting to live in such a great environment to be able to see how that dream can come to fruition. As a wilderness guide I learned to appreciate how important careful planning is, and how to respond calmly and effectively in those inevitable instances where things don't go exactly as planned.

I love what I do because every day I go to work with the opportunity to help someone realize a dream. Most people only get to come here, to this wonderfully amazing river and coastline for a few days at a time. My clients come to me to help them reach the goal of being able to live here all the time, or be able to have a coastal property they can come to any time they want, or to help them make decisions regarding purchases that will eventually let them retire and enjoy their homes in the latter times of their lives. This is great fun, yet it comes with a responsibility for honesty and hard work that I take very seriously.

In my life, of the thousands of people I have come across, the ones I remember and have the utmost respect for are the ones that cared enough about me to tell me the truth. Choosing me as your agent, whether as a buyer or a seller, comes with one very simple promise: I'll tell you the truth to the best of my knowledge even if you might not like what you hear.

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